School Closures

St. Oliver’s will re-open On Thursday, August 31st 2023

  • Doors Open at 8:40am
  • Classes commence at 8:50am
  • Junior and Senior Infant classes finish at 1:30pm
  • 1st to 6th Classes finish at 2:30pm

The school will be closed on the following dates

  • October Mid-term  -  One week. Monday 30th Oct to Friday 3rd November 2023
  • December Church Holiday - Friday 8th December 2023
  • Christmas Holidays  -  Friday 22nd Dec 2023 to Friday 5th Jan 2024 (School closes on Friday 22nd @ 12 noon and re-opens on Monday 8th of January 2024)
  • February Bank Holiday:  Monday 5th of February 2024
  • Mid Term Break- Thurs 15th and Friday 16th February 2024
  • St. Patrick's Day  - Monday 18th March 2024
  • Easter Holidays - Monday 25th March to Friday 5th April inclusive. (Closing on Friday 22nd March 2024 @ 12 noon and re-opening on Monday 8th April 2024)
  • May Bank Holiday -  Monday 6th May & Tuesday 7th May 2024.
  • June Bank Holiday - Monday 3rd June 2024

SCHOOL CLOSES ON  Wednesday 26th  OF JUNE 2024 AT 12 NOON


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  School Closures


This year in St.Oliver’s we committed to having an ACTIVE SCHOOL WEEK as part of our annual school calendar.

It did not disappoint!  We had the best week ever!  Active School Week ran from May 2nd to May 5th.  


                                                    tug of war



There wasn’t a uniform in sight!  It was tracksuits for the week for children and staff!  Active homework replaced written homework.  Each day began with ‘wake up, shake up’ on the yard – music and groovy dancing for all!  We had members of the active flag student committee on the intercom at 10 every morning to give us a run down on the day’s activities and also to lead us in some exercises.  Teachers were emailed challenge videos that were set by staff and some famous faces.  Our active walkway was in hot demand.  From rowing to tug-of-wars, basketball challenges to noodle gold cups, sack races to dodgeball tournaments – we really did have our very own Olympics!  The photos and videos really do paint a thousand words!


Let’s get ACTIVE!